REPORT: Hockey coach PUNISHES team in SEVERE way after losing to Womens team

Published February 7, 2023 at 10:05 PM
Hockey is a great game, it builds bonds, character, friendship and athleticism. It allows people to build leadership abilities and also learn how to follow instructions.

Sometimes there are people who take things too far, especially when it comes to coaches. Earlier today there was a strange story being circulated that involves a U18 Youth Team out of Belarus.

According to the website, the U18 Belarus boys team played a game against the Russian Women's National Team, and ended up losing to them 1-0.

The coach of the Belarus team was not happy, in fact not happy is quite the understatement. We've seen the famous movie of Herb Brooks making Team USA skate suicides until they couldn't stand anymore, well this coach did something arguably just as bad, but definitely a lot weirder.

The coach forced the team to spend the night in the dressing room. This took place during a hockey tournament in Belarus that had 4 teams taking part, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Russian Womens National Team.

The website Sports Express shared this statement:

As punishment for the defeat, the head coach of Belarus U18 Dmitry Shulga left his players to spend the night in the dressing room of the Barys Arena.

The tournament ended up being won by the U16 Russian team. This does show though the differences in coaching styles in North America and abroad. If this was to happen in Canada or the United States, the coach would never be allowed around a hockey rink again.
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REPORT: Hockey coach PUNISHES team in SEVERE way after losing to Womens team

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